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1994 - Humble Beginnings

In 1994 the Driversity concept was born. Efforts were put forth to create the business concept and driver education courses that would be embraced by California's teenagers and parents. The curriculum was developed and first training car purchased with David and Rainy's shoestring savings.

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  • Driver Ed

    Driversity Philosophy

    Our philosophy is really very simple. Offer a great curriculum at affordable prices utilizing new technologies and equipment. We feel that we have been both blessed and honored to have survived in this industry for over two decades. We are inspired by our students and truly enjoy making a difference. Without them there would be no Driversity.

  • Driver Training

    Customer Relations Philosophy

    We meet people at a critical time. Learning to drive is easy for some and difficult for others. Keeping this in mind as well as a solid knowledge on HOW individuals learn we are then met with success. The entire point of learning how to drive is imperative for some, leisure for others, and mandatory for most. Those that already know how to drive can be instrumental in the learning process. Some parents exhibit a great deal of anxiety. Some do not. Our goal is to accomplish what we've been hired to do and that is teach a willing student how to drive safely.

  • Driving Permit

    Our Charitable Efforts

    Driversity contributes to a wide variety of causes. We regularly donate to every high school in the central and east contra costa county. We have donated to crab feeds, 4H, chorus, choirs, boys and girls clubs, D.A.R.E, MADD, Every 15 Seconds, and many more. We appreciate the community support to our business and like to do the same.