Driving Lesson


DMV Permit

DMV Form OL 237 - Completion of Driver Education - Color Blue
You will receive your DE (this certificate) certificate, after signing for it in class, when you complete driver education. This certificate affirms that you have completed your driver education. No, your word alone will not due. You will need this form along with a OL 392 below to test for your permit. You must save every certificate for the final phase of licensing - the road test.


DMV Form DL 389 - Completion Of Driver Education - Color Pink
When you complete driver education through a high school program or distance learning program you will be issued a certificate of completion for driver education. You will need the white certificate DMV Form OL 392 mention below to test for your permit.

DMV Form OL 392 - Color White - This form has been eliminated.
Driver Training Enrollment. Required of all new drivers 15 1/2 to 17 1/2 for learner's permit. You will need this certificate from the school you plan to take your driver training course at. This certificate in addition to the OL 237 above will allow you to take your permit test.

DMV Form OL 238 - Completion of Driver Training - Color Gold
You will receive your BW Certificate when you complete your 6 hours of behind the wheel training. This certificate affirms this (your word alone will not due). Save this certificate for the final phase of licensing and use it ONLY when you take your road test.