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Fleet managers that are in charge of driver management can and do find our services helpful. Driversity® has created specific programs for a variety of business. One of the exciting outcomes of these programs is that they have been used to reduce insurance premiums. Driver management can be a somewhat challenging endeavor. You may have some drivers that need to bring their skills current. This is where Driversity® comes in. Let us tailor a package that can help you achieve the desired result.

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  • Business driving lesson

    Bringing old info current

    It's no surprise that most fleet drivers probably haven't kept current with the newest information with respect to driving. Much technology has change over the years. With this change there are new laws, rules, and regulations that must be taken into account. Driversity® can help close this gap.

    Let Driversity® tailor a program specifically for you. We will enlighten your drivers and provide new information in today's unique traffic situations.

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  • safety training

    In Car

    Part of the training package includes driver assessments. The assessments can be tailored to need. This results based assessment will isolate certain driver behaviors that can lead to traffic conflicts such as collisions or citations. Our goal is to reduce these conflicts by identifying root causes.

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Contact us today to discuss your company's needs. We will focus on areas of concern and provide insight on other areas that may be helpful and useful. We can write a program specific to your needs at a cost that is affordable.

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