Driver License Process

The Process


Take Driver Education - First of two required courses
This course is required by the State of California for those under 18 and the first step in the licensing process. Driversity offers this course in three formats. We have an online course, a live course, and half online and half live course.

Once this course has been completed you will need to:

1. Make appointment with DMV for your permit test. You can schedule that here.
2. Take with you: DL44 (application), Social Security Number, Birth Certificate, and $33
3. Take and pass the 46 question permit test at DMV
4. Schedule your first lesson behind the wheel to validate your permit. You can schedule that here.


Take Driver Training - Second of two required courses
1. We have two formats. Each course is 6 hours total. You can schedule 3 lessons at two hours each or you can schedule 4 lessons at 1.5 hours each. Schedule your first lesson to validate your permit.
2. Schedule your 1st and 2nd lesson close together.
3. About 2 weeks before you plan to take your road test, schedule your last lesson.

Home Stretch

Once you have completed both driver education and driver training, you are 16, your permit is 6 months old, you are ready for the final step.
1. Schedule your road test with DMV. You can do that here.
2. Bring with you: A car in good working order, your permit, your behind the wheel completion certificate.