written test

Let's play 25 questions. Answer the questions below and see how much you know.

  1. You must notify DMV within 5 days if you:

    sell or transfer your car

    paint your car

    buy a car

  2. What is considered an acceptable legal presence document?

    School ID Card

    Library Card


  3. According to DMV, a minor is someone who is:

    Under 50

    Under 20

    Under 18

  4. You must be at least ? to be employed as a commercial driver.




  5. Where do you take your written and road tests?




  6. When parking next to a curb, you should use:

    Your magic wand

    Your intuition

    Your signals

  7. California’s “Basic Speed Law” says you must:

    Never drive faster than is safe for current conditions.

    Keep your speed close to that of other traffic

    Never drive faster than the posted speed limit

  8. You reach an intersection with stop signs on all four corners at the same time as other drivers. Who has the right-of-way?

    It's your way or no way

    The driver on your right

    The driver on your left

  9. A flashing yellow signal means:


    A green light is about to occur

    Slow and be ready to stop

  10. A flashing red traffic light means:

    Stop and wait for the green light

    Slow down before entering

    Stop before entering

  11. You must yield to a pedestrian using a white cane or guide dog:

    Only when a guide dog is leading the person across a street

    At all times

    Only if a crossing guard is present

  12. If your vehicle starts to hydroplane, you should:

    Drive at a constant speed to gain better traction

    Slow down gradually and do not apply the brakes

    Apply the brakes firmly to prevent your vehicle from sliding

  13. Tailgating other drivers (driving too close to their rear bumper):

    Can frustrate drivers and make them angry

    Cannot result in a traffic collision

    Reduces accidents by preventing you from being “cut off”

  14. You are driving on a city street with an emergency vehicle with flashing lights behind you. What should you do?

    Drive to the right and slow down

    Drive to the right and stop

    Drive to the left and stop

  15. You are driving on the freeway behind a large truck. You should drive:

    Closer behind the truck than a passenger car

    To the right side of the truck and wait to pass

    Farther behind the truck than a passenger car

  16. When a blind pedestrian pulls in his/her cane and steps back from the intersection, you should:

    Honk your horn to let them know you are there

    Proceed with caution

    Tell the blind pedestrian you will wait for him/her to go

  17. You are on the freeway and traffic is merging in your lane. You should:

    Assert your right-of-way by driving faster

    Make room for merging traffic, if possible

    Always slow down and maintain your position

  18. The center lane in the center of a two-way street is used:

    As a regular driving lane during periods of heavy traffic

    To begin or end a left turns or start a permitted u-turn

    To pass other vehicles that are moving slowly

  19. To turn left from a one-way street with multiple lanes onto a two-way street, start the turn in:

    Any lane available

    The lane closest to the middle of the street

    The far left lane

  20. Blocking an intersection during “rush hour” traffic is not permitted:

    Under any circumstances, even if your light is green

    Unless you entered the intersection on a green light

    Unless you have the right-of-way or a green light

  21. While all of the following may be dangerous to do while driving, which is also illegal?

    Adjusting your outside mirrors

    Listening to music through a set of dual headphones

    Reading a road map

  22. A solid line next to a broken yellow line means that vehicles:

    Next to the solid line may pass

    In both directions may pass

    Next to the broken line may pass

  23. Should you always drive slower than other traffic?

    Yes, it is a good defensive driving technique

    Yes, it is always safer than driving faster

    No, you can block traffic if you drive too slowly

  24. What is the benefit of a space cushion around the vehicle?

    Other drivers can “cut” in front of you, improving traffic flow

    It inflates to protect you from injury in case of an accident

    If another driver makes a mistake, you have time to react

  25. When driving on a multi lane street with two-way traffic:

    You should drive ahead of or behind the other vehicles

    It is safest to drive in the lane next to the center line

    Drive alongside the other vehicles so the drivers can see you