Driver Education Online

Online Access Instructions


Painless 3 step process.


1. Enroll in the course here. Once you submit this form you will be routed back to this page. Move on to step 2.
2. Pay tuition here. After the tuition is paid you will be routed to a thank you page. Click the continue with instructions and you will be routed back here.
3. The next step is to create a profile on the Driversity® Education Campus. Prior to clicking the link please read these instructions first.

You will need to create a "New Account" in the course site. ***Enable popups and cookies on your browser.***
The system will send you an email that you must use to confirm the account. Please note:,,, have serious spam filters that will delete this email. Use another email address if possible. Then, click the link in the e-mail. Please be patient, this may take a few minutes. To get started click here: Driversity Online Campus.

If you have any questions please contact us here. We will assist you in any way that we can.

Your course expires 45 days from the date of account creation. If you do not complete your course in 45 days you will be unenrolled and may apply for an extension of 15 or 30 days to complete it. It is your responsibility to monitor your time and know when the expiration date will occur.